A usufruct agreement, in Thai Sidh-kep-kin, provides temporary property rights for the use and full enjoyment of the property and profit from real estate by leasing, selling crops produced by it, and more.

Sometimes the owners may ask to pay for admission, or the like. Here it will be good to evaluate the property with experts.
Not only to verify that it is not damaged or altered, but above all to understand if structural interventions are necessary on water and electricity systems. All structural interventions, in fact, should still be borne by the owner.
Or they can be negotiated. The usufructuary does not have full ownership of the asset, because he does not enjoy the right of ownership. The right of ownership, to which the usufruct agreement does not refer, is used to define the right to use, destroy or transfer ownership of the asset to someone else.

So be careful to understand what you can do and not do in cases of usufruct. The usufruct contract can cover the entire life of the owner of the usufruct and ends with his death. The usufruct contract does not terminate with the death of the owner.

Working with LCS legal and commercial experts ensures you don’t go wrong in your investment choices. Are you sure you need a usufruct contract? A regular property purchase contract would be better and why? Or, would you like to start with a lease? What are the most logical solutions based on your business objectives?

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