Trademark registration must be filed at the Trademark Office in the Department of Intellectual Property Thailand (DIP), and serves the purpose to protect your logo from competitors that may copy and plagiarize your business. Once your logo is accepted it will be protected for a period of 10 years from the acceptance of the application.

Timeframe for Trademark registration

Registration will take from 8 to 12 months to be completed and once approved will have retroactive effect from the filing day of the Trademark.

Definition of Trademark

A Trademark is a set of name of the brand and logo (Name + Logo is a single set).

The main requirement to avoid opposition from the DIP is that the trademark shall be distinctive and that there is no clear reference to the product sold. The DIP valuation will be assessed breaking down the elements of the trademark (each word of the name, brand and logo).

Procedure for Trademark registration

The registration procedure consists of 3 phases:

1) Application filing and trademark database research to asses that there aren’t any similar trademarks registered (5 -20 days)

2) Acceptance by the Thai intellectual department (8-10 months) – In case of rejection an appeal can be made for amending the trademark under the DIP instructions.

3) 90 days advertisement by the Intellectual Property gazette.

Documents required:

1) – Passport Copy in case of a natural person/ Copy of the updated Company Affidavit and Directors Passport, in case of Company. (procedure may differ for different categories of applicants, there will be some additional formalities to be compliant with in case of Foreign applicants).

2) – Logo to be registered

3) – Name to register

4) – Trademark Class

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