A title deed is a legal document issued by the Land Department constituting evidence of rights, possession or ownership of land or real estate in Thailand; it indicates the right to lease or lack of, any encumbrances such as mortgages or hypothecations.

Original copies of deeds are archived at the Land Department.  The Land Department annotates deeds by attaching transaction records pertaining to the parcel.  This includes sales and mortgage records, and any rights the landowner grants to third parties, such as a long-term lease or the right of superficies.

A title search is the process of going through public records, regarding a piece of property to ensure that the current owner has the legal right to transfer ownership.

Type of Thai Deed titles

Chanote (title Deed) or NS-4 

A chanote deed also known as NS-4 is the most dependable in Thailand. It is evidence of ownership, it provides details of rights on the property, certified by the Land Department. The official land government survey results are marked by posts on the property and detected by satellite  photographs.

Naw Saw Sam Gaw or Confirmed Certificate of Use or NS-3K

Confirmed Certificate of Use also known as NS-3K, certifies and confirms the owners rights underwritten by the Land Department. Full ownership and records are attached and archived at the District Land Department. Land parcels have been unofficially surveyed by the Land Department and detected  by satellite photos. Upon request this kind of deed can be upgraded to a Chanote deed.

Nor Sor Sam or certificate of Use or NS-3

A Nor Sor Sam or certificate of Use or NS-3 certifies ownership right that has not yet been officially confirmed. Any transaction must be published at the Land department for 30 days without opposition before they will be registered. Parcel representations have not been surveyed with photo satellites.

Sor Kor Nung or Claim Certificate or SK-1

Sor Kor Nung or Claim Certificate or SK-1 certificates that the holder occupies and utilizes the land. There is no representation of the property, only descriptions.  These certificates can be upgraded.

Bai Nor Sor Song or Bai Jong or Preemption Certificate NS-2

Bai Nor Sor Song or Bai Jong or Preemption Certificate NS-2  allows the bearer to occupy a parcel of land temporarily, but does not confer any transfer rights (except for inheritance); this document can therefore not be used as collateral and can be upgraded. The documents also certifies that the occupier has paid taxes.