The Regulation of the office of the Prime Minister BE 2529 (AD 1986) defines a representative office as an office of a foreign company which is in Thailand and in the business of trading internationally. The representative office facilitates trade of its head office but it cannot receive revenue or generate earnings. It cannot receive purchase orders, make sales or negotiate with third parties. It is not subject to corporate income tax. The head office pays for all expenses of the Representative office and it is subject to interest on remaining funds that it receives from the head office.

Trading representative office may carry out any or all the following activities:

  • Find suppliers of goods or services in Thailand for the overseas head office
  • Check and control the quality and quantity of goods purchased or hired by the head office for manufacturing purposes in Thailand
  • Provide advice on various aspects of goods sold by its head office to agents, distributors and/or customers in Thailand
  • Provide information to interested persons in Thailand concerning goods or services of the head office; and
  • Report to the head office on movements of business in Thailand.

Outline of a Representative Office

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Not allowed to earn income, restricted to business to which the rep office is registered
  • Capital requirements 2 million
  • Foreign business license required
  • The Rep. Office can provide work permits for max. 2 foreign employees at a time
  • No corporate income tax in Thailand.
  • Employees working for the Rep. Office are subject to Thai personal income tax.

Timeframe for a full registration of Representative Office in Thailand

1 week to complete registration

Information required

The following documents must be submitted to the Department of Business Development:

  1. Foreign Head Office documents containing name, capital, place, directors, authorized signatories, financial statement of the past three years.
  2. Number of shareholders –nationalities and number of shares held.
  3. Office Address in Thailand, with map and lease agreement of the office space.
  4. Employee details – number, name, salaries
  5. Reason to establish the Representative Office along with the business forecast of first 3 years, size and type of business activities, period intended to operate, stages of operations, machinery / equipment that will be used, impact on Thai economy, spending estimate for 3 years, plan for importing foreign technology.


  • The application to establish a Rep. Office is signed by the Representative;
  • A copy of the company affidavit showing the name, capital, objectives, seat, directors and representatives of the head office , notarized or legalized;
  • Power of attorney (“PoA”) of the representative of the Rep. Office in Thailand, signed, notarized or legalize);
  • Copy of the passport of the Representative and a copy of her/his Non Immigrant B visa, signed and notarized or legalized (prior to entering Thailand); or, if signed by the Representative in Thailand, a copy of the visa entry stamp page and the departure card, signed.
  • PoA of the person submitting the application, typically an outside attorney in Thailand, signed, notarized or legalized).
  • Thai translation of all documents.
  • Issuance of certificate/registration number by DBD within approx. 1 week following submission of the complete set of documentation.

LCS team is at your disposal for any inquiry about Representative Office installation in Thailand.