A prenuptial agreement is a prenuptial contract, within the meaning of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code (1465-1469).
The agreement separates the personal and marital assets and establishes the terms of management of the personal and marital assets and debts of the two spouses who are entering into marriage.

  • The agreement must be in writing;
  • Each party must receive separate legal advice;
  • The parties must sign the Thai prenuptial agreement in the presence of two witnesses before the marriage is registered;
  • The Thai prenup must be submitted and registered with the local district upon registration of the marriage.

What to write in a prenuptial agreement

Although marriages take place in most cases always starting from good intentions, there can be many situations that involve separations or, worse, divorces.

As long as things go well, in fact, we tend not to think about the negative consequences of a relationship. Here, being mature and intelligent in agreeing before taking the plunge, should be the most logical choice for a modern couple.
Wishing the best to all spouses and couples who are about to get married, no one can know what the future implications will be, even for the best relationships. In fact, a divorce can be consensual or non-consensual.
And therefore it can be a relatively simple, or quite complicated operation.
Just think that, in Thailand, unless otherwise specified, a spouse is entitled to half the amount purchased after the marriage.

LCS can guarantee the drafting of tailor-made prenuptial agreements based on your specific needs. You can make an appointment online or in person, at our offices, to discuss it together in detail.