A power of attorney (POA) is a legally binding document that gives a person, the de facto lawyer, the ability to act on behalf of the person who appointed him, legally named the Appointer.
They are used to authorize another individual to manage business, finances, property, assets, or execute a business on behalf of another.
In reference to the production, you will often find the acronym POA. POA stands for power of attorney.
Other times, the form prokura is used: a sort of Englishism of the original latin word.

Especially if you own a business registered in Thailand, or if you are employed by some local company, there may be a myriad of situations where you might need a POA.

Imagine having to leave the country for personal reasons and needing to carry out operations that require your signature. Despite the fast digitization process underway, many offices in Thailand still accept for various procedures, only and exclusively authentic signature. Whoever your chosen representative is, the POA, to be valid and accepted, must be drafted correctly.

There are two forms of POAs in Thailand:

General Power of Attorney for Broad Legal Authority.
Special power of attorney for limited scope and specific circumstances.

Power of attorney (POAs) are commonly used for:

Purchase or sale of land and properties.
Manage some bank accounts or keep a safe deposit box.
Renewal of visas and work permits.

The POA is therefore a very important document. Especially if you plan to be outside the country for periods of over a month. LCS can assist you in adapting a power of attorney to your needs, ensuring the security of your proceedings. We can draft or review existing powers of attorney.
Upon request, our firm can accept the power of attorney from the principal and represent him on the spot, for bureaucratic procedures at any level. Along with the services related to the drafting of POA, LCS provides a very wide range of legal services. From entrepreneurial and commercial contracts.