LCS’s payroll services can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Here below a service overview:

Payroll processing. Net salary payment, including the calculation of the employee’s monthly personal withholding taxes, Social Security Fund contributions, monthly deductions, overtime payments and other benefits.

Payslip creation. Production of a personalized employee carbon-slip payslip, proving complete payroll details.

Payroll submission to bank. Payroll instructions will be provided to the bank to automatically release the payment to each employee-

Preparation of Social Security Contribution.  Preparation of filing form  (SPS 1-10) for monthly social contributions of all employees to the Social Fund office within the date 15th of each following month.

Calculation of Provident Fund Deduction. We calculate the contribution for the provident fund for each employee.

Withholding tax form (PND 1). Preparation of the monthly withholding tax filing form of the directors and employees. Recurring submission to the Revenue Department within the 7th of the following month.

Issuance of withholding tax certificate (BIS 50) to meet the requirements of personal income tax returns filing; we prepare and issue the employee’s withholding tax certificate, detailing total salary, tax deductions, contributions to the Social Security Fund, contributions to the provident fund for the year.

Workmen’s Compensation deductions. Preparation of filing form for the annual Workmen’s Compensation contributions and submission to the Social Security Fund office.

Submission of payments to government agencies. Handling of fees to every government department.

Electronic report. Electronic report for monthly payroll for approval or reference.

We are at your disposal to provide clarifications or quotations, tailored on your needs.