LSC offers legal translations services for all legal documents and transcripts including but not limited to business contracts, patent documents, business proposals and mergers reports and legal documents (Visa, Birth Certificates, Divorce Papers).

We urge our clients to not underestimate a thorough translation containing business and legal terms.

It is worth taking into consideration that should there be any discrepancy between Thai and English translation, Thai Courts will give precedence to the Thai original version of the document.

Our translation services are a product of legal, commercial, cultural, and linguistic competences, safeguarding your legal exposure.

We believe that clarity of communication and accuracy of translation are vital factors of our clients business transactions.

Cases in which legal translations are necessary and absolutely recommended:
– translations of sales documents
prenuptial agreements
– sales contracts
wills / testaments
Just to name a few.

Together with professional translation services, we offer all types of contracts necessary for companies and businesses.
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