LCS Legal Commercial Services International was established in 1996 by Massimo Chiappa as a legal consultancy firm in Bangkok for foreigners in Thailand with the aim to assist private individuals and/or entrepreneurs intending to operate in South East Asia, when in Thailand this kind of advice or assistance was not yet available.

Since its establishment, the company has been using a professional business relationship with the law firm Chiappa-Arcangeli, today named Bianchini-Marcolini located in Tuscany (Central Italy), as well as other Italian professionals law firms and attorneys such as Go Gate srl, currently promoted for legal aid for Italian BOI corporation (read more about BOI), and banks partnerships such as Intesa San Paolo Bank.

The relations with the Italian institutions in Bangkok (Embassy, Italian Trade Commission, Italian-Thai Chamber of Commerce), as well as Thai Authorities in Italy (Royal Thai Consulate in Milan, Venice and Royal Thai Embassy in Rome) have always been of great cooperation.

During these years, our legal advising in Bangkok, had been restructured to assist foreigners of all nationality both private individuals and entrepreneurs, in order to provide them all the needed legal & commercial consulting and support services ranging from the mere legal advice to local partner sourcing, market research up to the technical survey to purchase residential and industrial real estate.

Legal Commercial Services International: why choose our team?

LCS’s clients are mostly small/medium entrepreneurs searching for a professionals in the finance and accounting field as well as legal matters.

Thailand has effectively become the capital of the ASEAN, the recent years have proven that Thailand can adopt a modern and forward thinking attitude to tackle the social and economic turmoil.

LCS Legal Commercial Services International tries to helps firstly entrepreneurs to overcome the language barriers, then the different economic, fiscal and legal system to smooth the business development of western interest. We offer first-class legal and accounting services with flexible offers tailor-made for small/medium International entrepreneurs.

The company got through the Thai economic boom of the last years, from the financial crisis started in Thailand in 1997, up to the todays’ Covid recovering, followed by the economic growth phase of the country, that is attracting many International entrepreneurs as a consequence of Russian’s situation and Europe economic depression by reflect is stimulating Direct Foreign Investments in the country.

LCS: our team is our strength

Supported by a high level team of Westerns and Thai advisors, LCS aims to assist the development of operations dedicated to the whole Southern East Asian area and particularly in the newly emerged countries.

In 2014 our company has expanded by opening a branch office in Phuket.

The formula is always the same: professionalism and pragmatism in presenting the positive and negative aspects in each system, suggesting the best practical solutions to facilitate the development of business activities, commercial agreements and best management of personal disputes.

LCS has been operating in the field of both civil and criminal legal assistance, making use of excellent local lawyers.

This completes that “package” of assistance that allows the customer to have a “one stop services” ranging from legal and commercial advice, to accounting, up to judicial defense all with a logistical and commercial nature.

The purpose is to allow the customer to feel protected and be covered in all his needs. While dealing with a different reality and culture, building long-lasting personal relationship.