Labor disputes in Thailand almost always happen due to a lack of clear and well-defined contracts. In Thailand, the Thai Labor Protection Act, 1998, as amended in 2019, governs all employers and employees. Many people continue to hire local employees, without defining employment contracts well, or not making them their own.

This is a gross error, which can lead to serious problems. The law establishes the fundamental rights of workers. It defines working hours, holidays, absence due to illness, absence for study reasons, absence due to maternity.

But also overtime, workplace safety and the social security fund. The law also governs dismissal and unlawful dismissal. Employer-employee relationships are also governed by Thai law by various statutes and government agencies.
A company may have specific needs. These needs must be well defined in internal regulations and employment contracts. For this, the initial investment in everything related to the administration of human resources, employment contracts and other related agreements, remains an important step. When any dispute arises with employees and collaborators, the Company will therefore be protected.

LCS has a deep understanding of the intricacies of Labor Protection Law, the background of the Thai Labor Courts and the practices of the Ministry of Labor. LCS consulting guides its clients (employees or employers) and offers strategic guidance on: employment policies, procedures, economic benefits, compensation plans and labor disputes. We can follow you not only for labor consultancy and labor disputes but also for commercial contracts.

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