The HR Administration (human resources administration) in Thailand is often an activity left to chance, leading companies and individuals to face more or less serious problems.

All of this could be avoided by simply starting on the right foot right away. Whether you are an employee or a company, thanks to our human resources administration services, you will ensure that your business is carried out according to Thai law.

HR administration service Overview

  • Assistance in drafting and reviewing company regulations, in Thai and English.
  • Registration of the company regulations.
  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreements.
  • Social security registrations.
  • Salary calculations for computing costs and facilitating payroll¬†related organizational decisions.
  • Severance pay calculation.
  • Drafting and reviewing mutual agreements.
  • Attend bipartite meetings.
  • Registration of mutual agreements.

As you can easily understand, proper administration of human resources starts with contracts, agreements and knowledge of the main requirement of the Thai Ministry of Labor. All of this, should be part of any forward-looking business plan.

Inevitably, your company grows, the responsibilities of local team members will also increase. Especially when you have invested years in their training, you will want to be sure you can keep them as long as possible.

This is possible first of all by creating a work environment that motivates them to stay, enhancing them and rewarding them for achieving their goals.
On the other hand, you will also want to be sure you are protecting your investment. For example, avoiding losing your best talents, only for not having invested reasonably in the creation of internal policies.

Are you thinking to establish parameters and measures for the growth of the individual in the company. Well, again HR administration can support and facilitate the process.

It is thanks to decades of experience in the area alongside Italian entrepreneurs, LCS can support you in all aspects of human resources administration.
Contracts, agreements, internal regulations but also consultancy on personnel management. If you find this content interesting, you may also be interested in Labor disputes.