Export and Manufacturing Company

What are the advantages of registering an export and manufacturing company?
If a company will only be involved in the manufacturing and/or export business, with no domestic trading, and will be importing goods, raw materials and/or machinery for the sole purpose of manufacturing and/or exporting it will not be restricted by the Foreign Business Act and will therefore be eligible for 100% foreign ownership.

Reporting to the Customs Department on imported goods is required and import and export licenses must be obtained (licenses vary depending on the nature of the goods and products).

This kind of company companies in Thailand must also check on whether there are requirement for factory license, or any other licenses relevant to the manufacturing business. Factory operators may either need to notify the authorities or obtain a factory license (Factory Act B.E. 2535). Factory licensing requirements depend on many factors such as type of products that will be manufactured and exported out of the Kingdom,  size of the manufacturing and exporting operations.

These companies must register with the Customs department to obtain a paperless import-export license (this requirement also applicable for companies involved in the business of import).

Summary of the main features

  • Up to 100% foreign ownership.
  • Source of income limited to export/manufacturing.
  • Capital requirement: 2 million for each work permit issued.
  • Foreign business license not required.

Time-frame for the incorporation of a Export/Manufacturing Company

The process for registering a manufacturing/export company is the same as any other limited company taking 1 week.

Factory licenses require 3 months.

LCS will be at your side in obtaining the registration of your Exporting and Manufacturing Company in Thailand. Not only. We can follow you to obtain yearly visas, work permits and corporate and commercial contracts.