In Thailand, there are two types of divorce: uncontested and contested. We explain them in detail in the lines below. You need to know that the acceptance of the request for the dissolution of the marriage bond should not be taken for granted. If the perpetrator is a foreign citizen, it could be even more complicated. You will need to be able to demonstrate what prompts you to ask for division. You will need to do this by bringing evidence that clearly demonstrates what to have undergone. Important, to consider first taking the plunge, is a prenuptial agreement. Without this agreement, the part of the assignment of common assets will also be difficult to manage. In short, getting a divorce, even in Thailand, can be very complicated. The complexity increase if there are minor children in the context of the request for the dissolution of the marriage. Nonetheless, everything you bought after the wedding is technically the property of both of you. Unless otherwise stated in prenuptial contracts.

In Thailand there are two kinds of divorces: uncontested and contested.

Uncontested divorces also known as administrative divorces are kept confidential and the couple is allowed to settle child custody issues and the division of property privately. The possible agreement reached will be registered at the District Office when the marriage dissolution has been granted. A lawyer can be useful to facilitate reaching an agreement. This kind of option, requires mutual consent and the presence of both parties at the time of application of the procedure.

Contested divorces, on the other hand,¬† take place at the court and are the chosen route for couples that cannot find an agreement on the terms of the divorce or if one of the two does not agree to separate. The application can be made by one party, under one of the ‘grounds for divorce’ set out under Thai law. This include but are not limited to adultery, physical or mental harm to the other partner, abandonment, mental illness or disagreements on child custody.

Grounds accepted for marriage dissolution request

For your understanding, the accepted grounds for filing for divorce include, but are not limited to:

  1. Adultery
  2. Physical or mental harm to the other partner.
  3.  Abandonment.
  4. Mental illness.
  5. Disagreements on child custody.

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