Our corporate secretarial services assist clients in managing and mitigating risks of corporate non compliance.

We make sure your company follows the reporting, disclosure rules and regulations set by the Thai government and the civil and commercial code of Thailand.

Service Overview of Corporate Secretarial and risk mitigation:

  • Change Company Shareholders;
  • Share transfer documents, government forms to execute the share transfer, shareholder list update, share register book update, new share certificate preparation;
  • Change or Removal of Company Director;
  • Change registered Capital;
  • Change Company Address;
  • Change Company Name;
  • Change Company Objectives;
  • Statutory deadline reminders;
  • Statutory registers maintenance;
  • Meeting notification;
  • Company records maintenance;
  • Holder of Corporate seal;
  • Domain registration co.th.

The above services of Corporate Secretarial can be booked individually or as a package. Please don’t hesitate to drop us an enquiry and we will provide a customised quotation. It is very important to process all company variation abiding the rules, default of compliance on the registration and proper process can easily escalate in serious issues. Thanks to our legal and commercial team, we can support you in the best way, in every necessary step. You may also be interested in our professional advice on commercial and corporate contracts or company register address.