Drafting and revision of commercial contracts and agreements

LCS can assist you in contract drafting and review of commercial agreements in compliance with the Thai Civil and Commercial Code and in consideration of the relevant legislation.

Contract drafting and review include variety of contracts:

  • Real estate agreements for sale and purchase, lease (short term or long term), and superficies.
  • Shareholders or partnerships including share transfer documents, sale and purchase agreements, share pledge agreements, general shareholders’ or partnership agreement
  • Service or production contracts, general sales and purchase agreements, management agreements, consultation agreements, non-disclosure agreements.
  • Loan agreements
  • Employment contracts and Employee’s work rules.
  • Non-standard employment contracts of employees relocated to Thailand. (cross-border reorganizations and foreign employment.)
  • Agreements concerning family matters such as prenuptial agreement, divorce settlement agreement.
  • Last Will and Testament

Thanks to a legal team with decades of experience in Thailand, LCS can support you in contract drafting and review commercial agreements as well as getting legalization or notarizations of any type of agreement or contract. If your company has a pre-existing document set, we are able to review and maintain documents, implementing them where necessary.

At LCS we have in house accountant, lawyers, auditors, translators and copywriters providing a variety of professional services to cover all customers needs.

LCS is a one stop service center that can cover a wide range of services whether you are looking for services for your business or your private affairs we have the solution.