The business visa extension at Immigration Office in Thailand can be processed once you have a work permit, when your non-immigrant B visa has a validity of approximately 30 days remaining. 

Documents required for Business visa extension

  1. Original Affidavit & Original Shareholder list (Update not more than 3 Months).
  2. A Copy ID Card of MD or a Copy passport in case of Foreigner.
  3. Original passport + Work permit + 1 Photograph size 5*6 cm.
  4. Certify the true copy of latest the Balance sheet & Income statement and receipt Sor. Bor. Chor. 3 by DBD (Latest).
  5. Certify the true copy of latest the Corporate Income Tax form Po.Ngo.Do 50 and receipt by the Revenue Department (Latest).
  6. Certify the true copy of 3 latest monthly Withholding tax salary form Po.Ngo.Do. 1 showing the name of employees and the alien applicant, together with the receipt by the Revenue Dept. (Last 3 months).
  7. Certify the true copy of 3 latest monthly VAT (Po.Po. 30) (Last 3 months).
  8. Certify the true copy of Personal Income Tax as Work permit start work.
  9. 3 latest monthly social security contributions return filed with the social security office (Form Sor.Por.Sor. 1-10) together with the receipt Last 3 months) + ONE COPY + RECEIPT of 3 latest monthly.
  10. Photo of the company.
  11. Location map of the place of work.

Once you have obtained the extension of the business visa, or obtained the new annual visa, some bureaucratic deadlines will still be waiting for you. LCS offers its customers a complete service for the correct management of the annual visa, including the deadline reminder.

90 day report 

Holders of a Thai Business Visa (Non-Immigrant B Visa) are required to report their status to a Thai Immigration Office on or before every 90 days (with the exception of those on a single entry 90-day visa). You can report it by mail, in person at an Immigration Office, or through an agency, which holds your power of attorney. If you leave Thailand during a 90-day period you will not have to report your status and your 90 day count will start again from day 1 from the day you re-enter the country. Re-entry Permit once you get your Business visa extension. If you are planning to leave and re-enter Thailand while on a Thai Business Visa you will need to apply for a re-entry permit from an Immigration Office or at an international airport, prior to leaving. The extension of the business visa or the obtaining of the yearly visa are among the services offered by our studio. LCS reserves the right to verify your documentary condition before proceeding. You may also be interested in the content related to obtaining a work permit in Thailand.