ADRs (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a mechanisms to resolve disputes providing an out-of-court resolution of conflict. LCS strongly recommends the use of ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution to resolve disputes in Thailand for multiple reasons. ADRs are accessible to all nationalities, companies and foreign investors working and doing business in Thailand. Mediation (ADR), a negotiation between parties, is the preferred and fastest alternative to resolve a dispute. It is also the compulsory route for family and employment disputes and is most suitable for small-scale business disputes.

LCS experience and a detailed understanding of the Thai Labor Protection Act enable the out-of-court resolutions for all employment disputes and conflicts.
Disputes can often be avoided by simply dedicating the right attention to the preparation of corporate contracts, internal regulations, general conditions for holidays, severance payments, yearly bonus, responsibility and duties. Taking time to prepare for all of this before your team expands is certainly the smartest choice.

In Arbitration (ADR), on the other hand, the dispute will be decided by an arbitral body, which is appointed by both parties. This procedure is suitable for almost all civil disputes and it is commonly used for business agreements in general including but not limited to construction contracts, insurance contracts and sale agreements.

In ADR proceeds are kept confidential and costs are contained.

With extensive experience in Thailand and in drafting Alternative Dispute Resolution, LCS aim is to provide you with the predictability of the outcome of the dispute and advise you on the appropriate dispute resolution mechanism for your case. Furthermore, we offer all the necessary assistance for any type of business contract.